About PawPaw

What in the world are we doing?

There are a lot of iPhone developers churning out a range of apps from the great to the pointless, from the sublime to the substandard.

We wanted to make our mark on the App Store by adding our own brand of well-crafted app, with humour, fun and enthusiasm. The kind of app you'll want to show your friends. Apps that transcend age and appeal to anyone with a pulse.

PawPaw is made up of three chaps: a programmer; a graphic artist and a designer. Our goal is simply to make apps that we enjoy using. Nothing too crazy, just good clean wholesome fun.

We have a long list of apps that we're working on and we can't wait to unleash them. In the meantime, Farm Idol and The Wine Navigator are our first entries on the App Store. Download them, play with them, and give us your comments as we really appreciate any feedback.

A warm welcome to the world of PawPaw, it's great to have you here.